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1 Blind Bartimaeus Philip Davidson
2 Three words Mark Jamison
3 A great love, a great Gift, a great choice Eric Hull
4 Words of Christ David Radcliffe
5 The Only Saviour Warren Ewing
6 Forgiveness, a Friend, a Future Roland Pickering
7 The Rock, the city, the river Roland Pickering
8 Pentecost Brian Ambrose
9 Calvary Raymond McNeill
10 Three Crosses Dennis Bickerstaff
11 The pool of Bethesda Mervyn Wishart
12 The woman at the well Mervyn Wishart
13 Three animals Alan Wishart
14 This is a faithful saying Mark Hair
15 Salvation Warren Ewing
16 Look Mark Jamison
17 Seek Ye The Lord Gary Davidson
18 Knowing Lawrence Gaw
19 The Good Samaritan Laurence Russell
20 The Gospel Peter Morrison
21 Zaccheus Philip Davidson
22 As Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness Eric Spence
23 The man with the withered hand A. Grieve
24 God Send Forth His Son Laurence Russell
25 No man Andy Osborne
26 Death and the judgment George Neilly
27 Pictures of Israel Chris Perver
28 The Forgiveness of Sins Tommy Kyle
29 The Four Lepers Laurence Russell
30 Blind Bartimaeus Mervyn Wishart
31 The Gospel Warren Ewing
32 The salvation of Rahab Philip Davidson
33 But God Andy Osborne
34 Alive Forevermore Laurence Russell
35 Must be saved, might be saved, shall be saved Mark Jamison
36 Righteousness George Neilly
37 Not saved, not spared, not written Lawrence Gaw
38 Even Roland Pickering
39 Outside Roland Pickering
40 Heaven Mervyn Wishart
41 Times Past, Present and Future Graeme Briggs
42 Three Fs of the Cross Eric Hull
43 Not Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ Stanley Rollins
44 BREAD Lawrence Russell
45 Wonder of Christ David Gillespie
46 The serpent in the wilderness Mark Jamison
47 People that came to Jesus Chris Perver and David Richardson
48 Watching Him there Lawrence Gaw
49 Great supper / Serpent in the wilderness Alec Thompson / Eric Spence
50 Ruth Harry Andrews
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