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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 25 August 2009 14:51
I have been trying to think of more ways of getting the Gospel out and of being a greater witness for the Lord through the website. I have added links for people to share the articles through social networking sites such as facebook, and this seems to have worked very well. I know that many of my own unsaved friends have had opportunity to read the articles and hear the Gospel in this way. Some of you have very kindly republished my articles on your own prophecy sites (which anyone has permission to do), and that gives me great encouragement to know that the Gospel message is going out. I also know from the site statistics that many of you translate the articles into another language, and I have recently updated the Google translator to cover more languages. I have also submitted the site to several prophecy link exchanges with the aim of reaching more people, and I am extremely grateful to those of you who share the articles with your friends and family. The Lord will honour you in your faithful witness for Him.

One of the main reasons for creating the new site, apart from having my own domain name, was to allow others to contribute their own articles. This would have reduced the burden on myself and helped to increase the site's usefulness as a witnessing tool for the Gospel. Unfortunately this didn't happen for several reasons, and I ended up having to restrict publishing permissions to just a few individuals. But I have decided to add a new module to the website to allow people to leave their comments on the articles. You will see a link at the bottom of each article that says 'Write comment'. Clicking this link will allow anyone to contribute their own thoughts. Maybe somebody has a question they need answered, or needs help regarding salvation or another issue. Or maybe someone has a thought on the article that hasn't been mentioned. Feel free to leave your comments. Maybe you are able to answer somebody's question or help them in some way. Please feel free to contribute.

I don't know what way this will work out, whether these comments will need moderated or not. The only thing I will say is, I don't want the website to turn into a debating forum. If anyone has a different point of view and feels they need to express it, by all means send me an email. But I do hope that the comments will help people to better understand the Scriptures, and to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ as their Saviour. God bless.