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Written by Chris Perver  
Saturday, 26 September 2009 10:58

I had the pleasure of attending the annual conference of the Society for the Distribution of the Hebrew Scriptures in Garvagh today. The society was formed in 1940 with the goal of distributing the Scriptures, both the Tanakh and the New Testament, to the Jewish people in their own language. Sad to say that a vast majority of Jews in the world today are secular and have little knowledge of the Scriptures or the God of Israel. Even many religious Jews such as the ultra Orthodox have scant knowledge of their own Bible, and spend much time studying commentaries and the opinions of men rather than the Word of God itself. We Christians owe a tremendous debt to the Jewish people for giving to us the Scriptures (Romans 3:1-2). The Society for Distributing the Hebrew Scriptures seeks to repay that debt through distributing the Word of God, the Tanakh and the New Testament to those who will accept it, free of charge to the Jewish people. And through distributing the Scriptures, they also seek to spread the message of the Gospel, which is to the Jew first (Romans 1:16). I have uploaded the audio files for two of the testimonies that were given at the meeting. The first speaker is Tom, who is responsible for the work in Northern Ireland. And the second speaker is Joy, who works among the Jewish communities in England. The files are 8mb and 4mb respectively. I am sure you will be inspired when you hear of the work that is being carried out, and how the Jewish people are eagerly receiving the Word of God.

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