Prophecy news relating specifically to the United Kingdom
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21 Church of England apologizes to Charles Darwin Chris Perver
22 Northern Irish MP slammed over 'homophobic' comments Chris Perver
23 Church of England to debate convert motion Chris Perver
24 Judge slams UK government over breakdown of the family Chris Perver
25 British advertising authority protests Israeli tourism advertisement Chris Perver
26 BBC apologizes for erroneous reporting on Israel Chris Perver
27 Blair to lecture at Yale on faith and globalization Chris Perver
28 Brown calls for shake-up of world order Chris Perver
29 New disease spreading through homosexual community
30 Britain may start chipping prisoners Chris Perver
31 Commons motion to disestablish Church gets number 666 Chris Perver
32 Scottish Minister says sex education must start at age five Chris Perver
33 Ministry of Defence to release UFO files next year Chris Perver
34 British court blocks BBC blasphemy case Chris Perver
35 Jellyfish attack wipes out N. Ireland's only salmon farm Chris Perver
36 Aborted to "save the planet" Chris Perver
37 Christian foster couple quit over gay laws Chris Perver
38 Practical action points on the 40th anniverary of Abortion Act Administrator
39 UK Bishops get ants in their pants over Israel Chris Perver
40 Firemen fined after shining light on homosexual romp Chris Perver
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