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1 European unity under the Beast Bob Hewitt
2 The Beast and his mark Bob Hewitt
3 The restoration of the nation of Israel Bob Hewitt
4 The Russian invasion of the Middle East Bob Hewitt
5 Signs of the Second Coming of Christ Bob Hewitt
6 The Millennial Reign of Christ Sam Jennings
7 The Beast Sam Jennings
8 The False Prophet Sam Jennings
9 Daniel's 70th Week Bob Hewitt
10 The Millennial Reign of Christ Jim Flanigan
11 The road to Armageddon Bob Hewitt
12 Armageddon Hedley Murphy
13 Antichrist Hedley Murphy
14 The Day of the Lord Sam Jennings
15 The Great Tribulation Sam Jennings
16 The rapture of the Church Sam Jennings
17 The Church - The Marriage 6/6 Norrie Emerson
18 The Church - Rewarded 5/6 Norrie Emerson
19 The Church - In Heaven 4/6 Norrie Emerson
20 The Church - Raptured 3/6 Norrie Emerson
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