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61 Krakatoa volcano erupts spewing plumes of ash several kilometres into the air Administrator
62 Trudeau says no return to ‘normal’ without vaccine: ‘Could take 12 to 18 months’ Administrator
63 Mayor in Miss. outlaws in-person church services, Christians ticketed $500 each for meeting in cars Administrator
64 COVID-19 vaccine killed seven children in Senegal, Africa Administrator
65 New York Times author doubles down in blaming Trump, Christians for pandemic Administrator
66 Hulk Hogan: Coronavirus is God’s punishment for worshipping false idols Administrator
67 India drags China to international court for COVID-19 war Administrator
68 Texas govt designates religious services ‘essential’ during coronavirus panic Administrator
69 Corona Virus drives army command teams into Cheyenne Mountain bunker Administrator
70 New Zealand passes landmark law to decriminalise abortion Administrator
71 History made in Alabama – lawmakers pass strongest pro-life bill in nation Administrator
72 Church closed in Egypt after Muslim mob frightens children in Sunday School Administrator
73 New York Times claims Sri Lanka Muslims terrorized by Christians Administrator
74 Eight of nine Islamic suicide bombers who killed more than 300 in Sri Lanka now identified Administrator
75 Chinese Police dynamite Christian megachurch Administrator
76 Sri Lanka attack: Six explosions at churches and hotels kill 138 in Easter Sunday massacre Administrator
77 Canadians protest new coin celebrating decriminalization of homosexual sex acts Administrator
78 Transgender rights: Judge warns girls have no right to ‘visual bodily privacy’ Administrator
79 NBC News: Hillary Clinton ‘covered up’ pedophile ring at State Department Administrator
80 New Zealand removes any reference to Jesus from parliamentary prayer Administrator
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