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421 ISIS demands $30 million ransom for Christian hostages in Syria Administrator
422 Iran sends naval destroyer to Yemen Administrator
423 US pizzeria forced to close after being interviewed about stance on homosexual 'marriage' Administrator
424 147 dead in Islamic assault on Christians at university in Garissa, Kenya Administrator
425 Israel: Deal a capitulation, will give Iran ‘a military nuclear program’ Administrator
426 Islamic State terrorists enter Damascus refugee camp Administrator
427 Christian florist in US ordered to service ‘gay weddings’ and pay $1,000 fine Administrator
428 Arab League agrees to create joint military force Administrator
429 34,000 black churches break ties with PC USA over homosexual 'marriage' Administrator
430 UK evacuates forces from Yemen as security worsens Administrator
431 Starbucks CEO to shareholder: If you support Biblical marriage, sell your shares Administrator
432 Russia threatens to nuke Danish ships if Denmark joins NATO missile shield Administrator
433 Presbyterian Church USA embraces homosexual 'marriage' Administrator
434 Khamenei calls ‘Death to America’ as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal Administrator
435 Islamic terrorists gun down eighteen tourists in Tunisia Administrator
436 Mark Biltz: Friday's eclipse a 'message from God to the entire world' Administrator
437 Franklin Graham: ‘We're losing our country … The foundations of this country are collapsing' Administrator
438 ISIS spokesperson: We want Paris and Jerusalem Administrator
439 ISIS launches new attack on Syrian Christians Administrator
440 Forest tree seeds arrive at 'doomsday vault' Chris Perver
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