Prophecy news relating to Israel, God's timepiece in end time prophecy.
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21 Abbas: Israeli withdrawal no longer than three years Chris Perver
22 Ariel Sharon in critical condition Chris Perver
23 EU offers 'unprecedented' aid package for Mid-East peace Chris Perver
24 Dead Sea pipeline agreement signed Chris Perver
25 Former ministers urge EU to enact Israeli 'settlement' ban Chris Perver
26 The Coming Four Blood Moons Chris Perver
27 Temple Institute preparing for 'perpetual offering' Chris Perver
28 EU embargo on Israeli 'settlements' to last 7 years Chris Perver
29 Middle East talks to resume next week Chris Perver
30 UN official poses with map without Israel Chris Perver
31 Google internet search engine recognizes 'Palestine' Chris Perver
32 Arabs soften stance on Israel's final borders Chris Perver
33 Tests show Ariel Sharon's condition may be improving Chris Perver
34 EU may try to impose solution on Mid East conflict Chris Perver
35 PA call on EU to punish Israel over Jerusalem dispute Chris Perver
36 UN General Assembly to vote on 'Palestine' status Chris Perver
37 Messianics fined 80,000 NIS for refusing lesbian reception Chris Perver
38 Barroso: EU 'laying foundations' of future Palestinian state Chris Perver
39 Israeli MK calls for Third Temple in Jerusalem Chris Perver
40 PA want Bethlehem recognized as 'Palestinian' heritage site Chris Perver
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