Prophecy news relating to Israel, God's timepiece in end time prophecy.
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161 Blair unveils Jenin economic plan Chris Perver
162 PA says talk of progress exaggerated Chris Perver
163 Messianic Jew in the finals to win International Bible contest Chris Perver
164 France offers troops for peacekeeping force in Palestinian areas Chris Perver
165 World powers urge Arabs to honour Palestinian pledges Chris Perver
166 Assad demands guarantee from Israel on Golan retreat Chris Perver
167 Hamas would accept 1967 borders without recognizing Israel Chris Perver
168 Caterpillar's 'soft answer' turns away Methodist wrath Chris Perver
169 Peres to call for reconciliation between Orthodox and secular Jews Chris Perver
170 Hamas hopes Carter's visit will prompt EU to come clean about contact Chris Perver
171 PLO ambassador promises to drive Israel out of Palestine Chris Perver
172 Lavrov urges Israel to attend Moscow peace conference Chris Perver
173 Messianic Jew wounded in Purim explosion Chris Perver
174 Archaeologists find 2000 year old half-shekel in Jerusalem Chris Perver
175 PA urges Arabs to converge on Israel for 60th anniversary Administrator
176 EU to hold Middle East peace summit in June Chris Perver
177 Temple Institute announces production of priestly garments Chris Perver
178 Eight dead after Arab gunman strikes in west Jerusalem Chris Perver
179 EU slams Israeli 'disproportionate force' in Gaza Chris Perver
180 Costa Rica recognizes the state of 'Palestine' Chris Perver
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