Prophecy news relating to Israel, God's timepiece in end time prophecy.
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141 Abdullah and Sarkozy voice support for Palestinian state Chris Perver
142 Rice pushes for division of Jerusalem within five years Chris Perver
143 Rice in the Middle East to push for agreement Chris Perver
144 Temple Institute completes Keter for the Laver Chris Perver
145 Israeli Air Force to move to the Negev next week Chris Perver
146 EU stands ready to broker Israel-Syria deal Chris Perver
147 Son of top Hamas leader becomes Christian Chris Perver
148 Olmert to step down in two months Chris Perver
149 Rice pushing for document of agreement by September Chris Perver
150 Temple Institute holds first 'crimson worm' harvest in 2000 years Chris Perver
151 Temple Institute displays priestly garments Chris Perver
152 Erekat: Middle East peace makers will be 'more important than Jesus' Chris Perver
153 Moscow peace conference planned for November Chris Perver
154 Peres' Peace Valley plan cancelled again Chris Perver
155 Sarkozy offers to broker peace in the Middle East Chris Perver
156 Israel agrees to Gaza ceasefire Chris Perver
157 EU agrees to boost ties with Israel Chris Perver
158 Jewish Deputy Mayor apologizes for Bible-burning Chris Perver
159 Israel announces formal peace negotiations with Syria Chris Perver
160 Palestinian Authority demands an army Chris Perver
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