Prophecy news relating to Israel, God's timepiece in end time prophecy.
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121 Olmert reveals peace plan to US envoy Mitchell Chris Perver
122 EU leaders pledge support for Gaza Chris Perver
123 Solana arrives in Middle East to broker truce Chris Perver
124 IDF forces enter Gaza on anniversary of Sharon stroke Chris Perver
125 EU leaders meet to discuss Middle East crisis Chris Perver
126 Ancient coins uncovered from the Temple Mount Chris Perver
127 Rumour of secret agreement between Israel and PA Chris Perver
128 Quartet backs continued Middle East peace talks Chris Perver
129 Solana seeks 'vital role' for EU in Middle East peace process Chris Perver
130 Doha conference calls on Arab world to defend Jerusalem Chris Perver
131 EU: Olmert's statement to be reference point for future negotiations Chris Perver
132 Egypt to host follow-up to Annapolis summit Chris Perver
133 Olmert: Israel must withdraw from most of West Bank and east Jerusalem Chris Perver
134 Livni chosen to replace Olmert as leader of Kadima Chris Perver
135 Olmert: Notion of 'greater Israel' no longer exists Chris Perver
136 Israeli cabinet discuss compensation for West Bank disengagement Chris Perver
137 Assad hardens his stance after Sarkozy's visit Chris Perver
138 France to mediate in direct Israel-Syrian talks Chris Perver
139 Syria and Israel preparing for direct negotiations Chris Perver
140 Olmert meets with Abbas to discuss agreement Chris Perver
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