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81 Israel concerned over conflict in Lebanon Chris Perver
82 Iran may have nuclear weapons by 2009 Chris Perver
83 'Flying witch' filmed in Mexico Chris Perver
84 Genetic study reveals mankind's brush with extinction Chris Perver
85 Carter fiddles while Israel burns Chris Perver
86 X-rays reveal fossil snake to have two legs Chris Perver
87 Obama's military advisor slams Israel, Christians over Middle East peace Chris Perver
88 Saudi king to hold interfaith conference on morality Chris Perver
89 Psychiatrist documents case of demonic possession Chris Perver
90 Scientists plan to build 'doomsday ark' on the moon Chris Perver
91 UN expresses concern over rising food prices Chris Perver
92 Solana: EU must prepare for conflict with Russia over energy Chris Perver
93 Obama: Jesus endorses same-sex unions Chris Perver
94 Palestinian leaders decry 'holocaust' in Gaza Chris Perver
95 Mass trance afflicts Indonesian women Chris Perver
96 Cigar-shaped UFO baffles onlookers Chris Perver
97 Source at UN tells of secret UFO meeting Chris Perver
98 Former Muslim says liberalization encourages Islamic radicalisation Chris Perver
99 Russia concerned over Iranian rocket launch Chris Perver
100 Worst snows in fifty years pummel China Chris Perver
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