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61 Martian soil may have 'potential for life' Chris Perver
62 New fossil footprint may prove man lived with dinosaurs Chris Perver
63 NASA moonwalker claims aliens do exist Chris Perver
64 Global shofar blast planned for Feast of Trumpets Chris Perver
65 Iran positioning missiles in preparation for attack Chris Perver
66 Israel rehearses Iran attack Chris Perver
67 Details leaked of Washington Bilderberg gathering Chris Perver
68 Jordan archaeologists unearth 'world's first church' Jacob Chacko Kallara
69 Lee Camp issues clarification Chris Perver
70 Military action against Iran may come in December Chris Perver
71 Australia proposes Asia Pacific EU-style bloc Chris Perver
72 The coming 'paradigm shift' Chris Perver
73 A Scriptural analysis of the Florida Healing Outpouring Chris Perver
74 The agents of change in the Florida Outpouring Chris Perver
75 The purpose behind the Florida Outpouring Chris Perver
76 The demonic roots of the Florida Outpouring Chris Perver
77 Florida healing revival Chris Perver
78 Touched by an angel - the Florida healing revival Chris Perver
79 Russia urges world powers to offer security to Iran Chris Perver
80 Scientists create genetically modified human Chris Perver
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