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41 World Economic Forum proposes global television channel Chris Perver
42 WMF launches 'Future of Babylon' project Chris Perver
43 Astronomers quantify number of extra-terrestrial civilizations Chris Perver
44 Obamanation Chris Perver
45 Jewish professors: Israel cannot ignore international opinion Chris Perver
46 Geologists link the fall of empires and climate change Chris Perver
47 Massive meteor lights up sky over Canada Chris Perver
48 Prophet Yahweh claims Goodchild stole his prophecy Chris Perver
49 Federation of Light UFO fails to materialize Chris Perver
50 IMF: World teeters on the brink of 'economic meltdown' Chris Perver
51 Astronomers call for more funding to counter asteroid threat Chris Perver
52 Episcopalian calls on the Church to embrace homosexuality Chris Perver
53 UN urged to co-ordinate asteroid defences Chris Perver
54 Ahmadinejad addresses UN General Assembly Chris Perver
55 Medium 'predicts' televised UFO sighting on 14th of October Chris Perver
56 Sun reaches lowest solar minimum in century Chris Perver
57 Holland intelligence agency warns of coming strike on Iran Chris Perver
58 Christians targeted by Hindu attackers in India Chris Perver
59 Russia blames Israel for assisting Georgia Chris Perver
60 Iran sparks US concern with satellite rocket launch Chris Perver
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