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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 02 July 2013 22:20

A British teacher is currently under investigation by a school for refusing to deliver a presentation that labelled all those opposed to homosexual 'marriage' as being 'homophobic'. The teacher, who is a committed Christian, felt that this was not a fair characterization of the debate and raised her concerns with her supervisor. Although her supervisor accepted her viewpoint and allowed her to teach elsewhere in this case, another colleague took exception to her stance, questioning whether or not her religious convictions were impacting her ability to perform her job. As a consequence, the teacher is now being investigation by the school...

Quote: “‘I am a teacher at a … girls’ school in South London. I have been employed by the school for 17 years. During March … I was instructed to deliver a presentation, which included material stating, in effect, that any disagreement with same-sex marriage was de facto homophobia. I felt this was not a fair characterisation of the debate and it was one that conflicted with my own deeply held religious beliefs. I raised my concerns with the teacher in charge.’

The House of Lords is currently debating legislation proposed by the government that would make it legal for two men or two women to 'marry' in Britain. The government has promised legal 'protections' for those who are opposed to homosexual 'marriage' through an 'opt-in' clause, requiring churches to obtain licences in order to perform the ceremonies. The established Church of England will also supposedly be forbidden by law from carrying them out period. But these 'protections' do not extend to the education system, which will require teachers to promote homosexuality as a healthy, normal lifestyle choice once homosexual 'marriage' is made legal in Britain.

It's hard to believe what is happening in this country. In 2007, when 'Civil Partnerships' were first introduced under the Labour government, we were told that this was to be a homosexual 'alternative' to marriage. The idea being that homosexuals would be given every right in law that heterosexual people enjoyed through marriage, only they would not be allowed to call it 'marriage' or hold the ceremony in a church. Presumably this was to appease those who would object on the grounds of conscience. The argument could still be made that 'it's not real marriage', and churches would be forbidden from carrying them out so they would be protected from it. But following revisions to the Equality Act in 2010, liberal ministers decided the government was actually discriminating against homosexuals by refusing to allow them to 'marry'. Subsequently there were calls for the Civil Partnership Act to be amended in order to address this 'discrimination'. This new legislation will enable homosexuals to marry, heterosexuals to enter civil partnerships, and churches to officiate either. The government may promise to protect those who object on the grounds of conscience, but as we have seen with the Civil Partnership Act, those promises are not written in stone.

British Prime Minister David Cameron claimed that this legislation will strengthen the institution of marriage, by opening it up to more people. In reality it will severely weaken it by rendering it virtually meaningless. The government claims that this is all about 'equality' and 'human rights'. It is not. The legislation will not offer any rights for Muslims and Mormons who practice polygamy. Incest will still be illegal, as will paedophilia and bestiality. But we have no guarantee that a future government will not act to legalize these also. After all, if marriage is just about loving relationships and not the raising of children, who is to decide with whom and with how many? No, this law is about diluting real marriage and will encourage the breakdown of the family. Whether the government is conscious of that, I do not know. But I do know this is the way things are going.

God knows what is best for us and so has given us certain laws to protect us from harm so we might enjoy the very best life has to offer (John 10:10). Satan offers us 'freedom' from God's laws, but knowing full well what will happen to us as a result. Don't think that means Satan cares for you. He doesn't love, he hates. He wants to give you what he knows will ultimately destroy you. Satan's 'freedoms' only bring misery, slavery, and death itself and separation from God for eternity. But God loves you. Jesus Christ offers you life and a future. He proved His love for you when He gave His life upon the cross of Calvary (John 3:16). He died so your sins might be forgiven, and you might have a home in heaven. And He is coming again some day to take all those who have trusted in Him to be with Him forever (John 14:3). Are you ready to meet Him? Why don't you turn away from your sins and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation today. He has promised that whoever comes to Him for salvation He will not turn away (John 6:37).

John 10:10
The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.

Source The Way, Charisma News