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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 21 February 2012 11:57

David Cameron has remarked that the United Kingdom will legalize homosexual and lesbian 'marriage' despite receiving scathing criticism from former Archbishop Lord Carey over the plans. The Archbishop has set up an organization, the Coalition for Marriage, to protest against the government's proposals. The former Labour government introduced the Civil Partnership Act in 2005, enabling homosexuals to have their relationships officially recognised in law for the first time. It was intended only as a legal alternative to marriage in the traditional sense, which was still legally defined as a union between one man and one woman. In January 2007 the Sexual Orientation Regulations legislation was brought in, making it illegal for anyone to discriminate against a person based on their sexual orientation. The law has been used by homosexual activist organizations such as Stonewall to persecute Christian business owners who happen to disagree with their choice of lifestyle. And in October 2010, the Equalities Bill was signed into law. The legislation made sexual orientation a 'protected characteristic', and afforded homosexuals the right to the same privileges enjoyed by married couples. Essentially the law made it illegal to treat those in a civil partnership any different from those in a traditional marriage. Now the government intends to redress the supposed 'discrimination' against homosexuals by doing everything from removing the words 'father' and 'mother' from birth-certificates to allowing them to 'marry' in a religious setting. The government intends to publish a formal consultation document next month which will pave the way towards the recognition of homosexual 'marriage' in the UK by the year 2015.

Quote: “A senior Downing Street source said: 'Nothing has changed on this as far as he is concerned. He is very passionate about this subject – it is something that has defined him.' Margot James, the first openly lesbian Tory MP, told the Independent: 'The Government isn't introducing a change that will mean churches have to marry same-sex couples if they did not want to. 'There are many gay people who are committed people of faith. They have a profound need to marry in a more traditional setting than would be provided by a civil partnership.'

Marriage is not a 'right' to be granted or denied by the state or anybody else. Marriage is not a 'right' at all. Nobody has a 'right' to be married, so the argument that we are denying people their rights by not permitting them to 'marry' is not valid. Marriage is a privilege. It is a universal institution that pre-dates the existence of the state. The government has no right to change it. And it is not just about two individuals committing themselves to a lasting relationship as Cameron would lead us to believe. Its main purpose is for pro-creation and the raising of children in a stable and loving environment. If we try to water down the definition of marriage then we risk undermining the very foundation upon which our society is built.

But the Lord said that as it was in the days of Noah, and as it was in the days of Lot, so also it would be in the days before the coming of the Son of Man (Luke 17:26, 28, 30). During the time of Noah the earth was “filled with violence” (Genesis 6:11). Sexual immorality also characterized the days of Lot (Genesis 19:15). It should be no surprise then that the government is pressing ahead with its plans to legalize homosexual 'marriage'. For those who have already trusted in Christ, this is just one of many signs that point to the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. But for those who are not yet saved, a sure and certain sign of judgement to come. But don't think that the God of the Bible is a cruel and vengeful God that punishes sinners. He is merciful, and would have spared the entire city of Sodom for the sake of ten righteous people (Genesis 18:32). There weren't even ten. But God is faithful, and going far beyond what Abraham had asked of Him, saved his nephew Lot and his two daughters from the overthrow of the city. Today the message is still the same. God is merciful and has provided a way of escape from the coming judgement. Will you be like Lot, who believed the message of the two angels, and was saved? Or will you be like Lot's sons-in-law, who scoffed at the warning, and perished as a result? Turn away from your sins, and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ for salvation today.

Source Daily Mail