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21 Pope rejects 'excessive demand for sovereignty', pushes idea of global authority Administrator
22 Austria warns of new massive migration wave to Europe this spring Administrator
23 Germany, France and Holland lining up to dump Britain out of Europe without a deal Administrator
24 Guy Verhofstadt calls for EU army capable of launching strikes on Syria Administrator
25 EU Commission President seeks reassurances from Theresa May she will not be replaced by someone who Administrator
26 MEPs tricked into voting the wrong way on internet copyright regulations Administrator
27 Milan bus fire: driver 'hijacks and sets school bus carrying 51 children alight' Administrator
28 EU elections ‘Last chance to end nationalist nightmare’ – Verhofstadt Administrator
29 Church of Norway apologizes for previous pro-life stance, says abortion promotes ‘women’s safety’ Administrator
30 Macron unveils new EU vision to tackle populist surge Administrator
31 French politician compares gay ‘marriage’ opponents to Muslim radical terrorists Administrator
32 After 2020, all EU members will have to adopt the euro Administrator
33 EU hails huge rise in third world migrants flying direct to Europe to seek asylum Administrator
34 EU will demand more money, Gibraltar concessions for Brexit delay, lawyer warns Administrator
35 I would be a criminal under proposed Irish bill to boycott Israel Administrator
36 The obvious, ahem, solution to the Irish border problem Administrator
37 EU backs financial punishment for nations that reject progressive values Administrator
38 'Huge setback' for parents' rights as European Court rules against German homeschoolers Administrator
39 Waiters at Le Train Bleu serve up a dish of antisemitism Administrator
40 Swastika painted on Irish synagogue Administrator
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