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61 World’s first implant-activated smart gun has arrived Administrator
62 No longer a conspiracy: Reporter shows us the ‘convenience’ of an RFID microchip implant Administrator
63 ‘Google of the Bible’ launches after five-year development Administrator
64 Scientists attempting to harvest human organs in pigs create human-pig embryo Administrator
65 Satan’s credit card: What the mark of the beast taught me about the future of money Administrator
66 Artificially intelligent lawyer “Ross” has been hired by its first official law firm Administrator
67 Former Facebook workers: We routinely suppressed conservative news Administrator
68 Israeli ‘Liver On A Chip’ could help scientists fight cancer, develop new medications Administrator
69 Could cashless payments make Rwanda's bus conductor redundant? Administrator
70 Scientists to open mass cloning factory this year to clone cows, pets and eventually humans Administrator
71 EU businesses push for hi-tech solutions to save Schengen Administrator
72 "Unhackable" RFID chip to keep your credit cards safe Administrator
73 Scientists get 'gene editing' go-ahead Administrator
74 Israeli study uses gold particles to ‘seek and destroy’ artery blockages Administrator
75 Israeli scientists find clue to cancer prevention, cure in elephants Administrator
76 'We won't make Frankensteins,' cloning giant Boyalife's CEO says Administrator
77 Bacteria that resist 'last antibiotic' found in UK Administrator
78 France wants all travelling EU nationals fingerprinted Administrator
79 US presidential candidate gets RFID/NFC chip implanted in his hand Administrator
80 Whitney Houston 'hologram' to tour next year Administrator
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