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1 3,000-year-old inscription bearing name of biblical judge found in Israel Administrator
2 Bennett said to have met secretly with Jordan's king last week in Amman Administrator
3 Prepare for Iran nuclear facility strike,’ says Israeli official after election of ‘Butcher of Tehra Administrator
4 IDF strike on Damascus leaves 10 dead, says Syrian state media Administrator
5 Ireland condemns Israeli 'annexation of Palestinian land' Administrator
6 Hamas video shows them digging up water pipes to make missiles Administrator
7 Emergency lockdown imposed on Lod over unprecedented riots Administrator
8 Israel's south under massive rocket salvo, IDF pounds Gaza terror targets Administrator
9 Following Iran threats, Israeli intelligence chief visits Bahrain to discuss security Administrator
10 Israel stampede: Dozens killed in crush at religious festival in Mount Meron Administrator
11 Passover Sacrifice dry-run takes place near Temple Mount: Police warm up to the idea Administrator
12 Report: Israeli-owned ship hit by missiles in Arabian Sea Administrator
13 The Red Heifer, Purity & Passover Administrator
14 Top Iranian official threatens to destroy Haifa, Tel Aviv Administrator
15 Saudis say Temple Mount and Al Aqsa not important to Islam Administrator
16 Report: Iran concealing weapons stockpiles in UN containers at Damascus airport Administrator
17 Hague green-lights prosecution of Israel over 'war-crimes' Administrator
18 Royal seal linked to Biblical king Hezekiah unearthed in Israel Administrator
19 1,500-year-old inscription discovered in northern Israel Administrator
20 Trump-brokered wave of peace continues in Middle East with Qatar and Saudi Arabia Administrator
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