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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 20 October 2022 10:43
What sort of man was Cornelius?
Will being a good person get us to heaven?
Will believing there is a God get us to heaven?
Is doing good deeds enough to get us to heaven?
Is praying by itself enough to get us to heaven?
Why will doing any of these things not take us to heaven?
What message did the angel bring Cornelius?
What unusual thing did Peter see in his vision?
What command did God give to Peter in the vision?
Why did Peter say he didn't want to eat these animals?
What was the Lord's reply?
What did the vision mean?
How has God shown us mercy?
What do you think the men thought when they found Peter's house just like Cornelius said?
Why did the Holy Spirit say Peter should go with the men?
Who did Jesus say He had come to seek and save?
Who did Cornelius invite to hear this message from God?
What should we do after we have heard the message of salvation?
What did Cornelius do when he first saw Peter?
Why did Peter tell him off for doing this?
What did Peter say God had shown him?
What message did Peter tell Cornelius and his friends?
What happened after they heard the message?
What do we have to do to have our sins forgiven so we will go to heaven?