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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 15 September 2022 15:34
Who was Jairus?
What request did he make of the Lord Jesus?
What happened while they were on their way to Jairus' house?
How long did the lady have this problem for?
Was anyone able to cure her condition?
Why was her condition difficult to live with?
How does this remind us of our sins?
What did she decide to do?
What happened when she touched the hem of Jesus' garment?
What did Jesus ask when the woman touched His clothes?
Why were the disciples surprised at this question?
Why did Jesus ask the question if He already knew what happened?
What did the woman do when she saw she was discovered?
What did Jesus say to the woman?
What message did Jairus' servant bring to him?
How might Jairus have felt?
How did the Lord Jesus encourage Jairus?
What did Jesus tell the mourners who were outside Jairus' house?
What did the mourners do when they heard this?
Who did Jesus permit to stay in the house with Him?
What did Jesus say to the young girl?
What happened to the young girl?
What did Jesus tell her parents?
What has the Lord Jesus done in order that our sins might be forgiven?
What do we have to do to in order to be saved?