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Written by Chris Perver  
Tuesday, 16 August 2022 12:13
Why did the disciples think the man had been born blind?
Why did they think this?
Was it the man's fault that he was blind?
Was it our fault that we are born sinners?
What did Jesus say about the man's blindness?
Who do some people blame when bad things happen to them?
Why is there suffering, sickness and death in the world?
What has God done so we could be saved from these things?
What do we have to do to get our sins forgiven?
What did Jesus do to the man's eyes?
What did Jesus tell the man to do?
What happened when the man obeyed Jesus?
How might the man have felt being able to see for the first time?
What did the man's friends think when he was able to see?
What did the man say about himself?
How does this remind us of salvation?
What did the Pharisees think about Jesus healing the man?
What did the man think Jesus was?
What did his parents say when asked how he was able to see?
What did the Pharisees tell the man to do?
Who did the Pharisees say they were disciples of?
Why did the man say Jesus must be of God?
What did the Pharisees do to the man when they heard this?
What should we do after we have our sins forgiven?