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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 16 June 2022 09:26
What did the lawyer say were the most important commandments God has given to us?
Is it possible for us to keep the commandments to get to heaven?
Why not?
Where was the Jewish man travelling to on his journey?
How does this remind us of us going astray in our sins?
What happened to the man on his journey?
What did the priest do when he saw the man lying half dead by the roadside?
What did the Levite do when he saw the man?
Why might they have not been willing to help the man?
What did the Samaritan do when he saw the man lying by the roadside?
Why was a Samaritan the last person you would expect to show kindness to the man?
How did the Lord Jesus show kindness to us when we didn't deserve it?
How did the Samaritan treat the man's wounds?
Where did the Samaritan take him?
What instructions did the Samaritan give to the innkeeper?
How does this remind us of the Lord Jesus Christ coming back for those who are saved?
What do we have to do to get our sins forgiven?