Naaman the SyrianPDFPrintE-mail
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Written by Chris Perver  
Wednesday, 20 April 2022 11:29

What sort of accomplishments had Naaman achieved in his life?
Why did these accomplishments not matter to him any more?
What is more important than all the things we have done in our life?
Why is it more important than these things?
How does leprosy remind us of sin?
Who did the little made say could cure Naaman?
Who did Naaman go to instead?
Who do people turn to for salvation instead of Jesus?
Why is Jesus the only one who can take away our sins?
What did the king of Israel think the king of Syria was trying to do?
What message did Elisha send to Naaman when he arrived at his house?
Why was Naaman angry?
How are people like Naaman today?
How did his servants change Naaman's mind?
Why has God not asked us to do a big thing to be saved?
What happened when Naaman obeyed God and dipped himself seven times in the Jordan river?
What message has God asked us to accept today?
What happens to the person who believes in Jesus Christ for salvation?
How did Naaman try to show his gratitude for his healing?
Why did Elisha not accept his gift?
Can we give anything to God in exchange for saving us?