The resurrection part 5PDFPrintE-mail
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Written by Chris Perver  
Thursday, 14 April 2022 17:50

What was the name of the man who asked Pilate for the body of Jesus?
Where did he place Jesus' body?
What was special about this tomb?
What did the Jews ask Pilate to do to the tomb?
Why did they want Pilate to do this?
What did the women worry about as they went to the tomb on Sunday morning?
Why were they amazed?
What did Mary Magdalene tell Peter and John?
Who was the fastest runner?
What did Peter see when he went into the tomb?
What did the disciples think when they saw the empty tomb?
What question did the angels ask Mary?
Who did Mary think Jesus was when He appeared to her in the garden?
How did she recognize who He was?
What did Thomas say he would have to do to believe Jesus had risen from the dead?
Where were the disciples when Jesus appeared to them?
What did Thomas say when he saw Jesus?
What does the resurrection show us about salvation?
What do we have to do to get our sins forgiven?