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Written by Chris Perver  
Monday, 04 April 2016 23:17

The Temple Institute has begun compiling a list of names of priests (kohanim) who are eligible for carrying out sacrificial offerings in preparation for the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. Descendants of the sons of Aaron who have kept themselves ritually pure will be able to register. Their ancestry is usually determined by their surname, Levy, Levi or Cohen, but a genetic test was also developed in recent years. The priestly tribe has gathered on the Temple Mount on various occasions over the past few years to recite blessings. The Temple Institute also started a school to train priests on how to carry out various duties in the Temple. The compilation of the list forms the second stage of the Temple Institute's project to 'restore Biblical purity' to the world, the first stage being the commencement of a Red Heifer breeding programme in Israel which was announced last year. The organization hopes that this programme will produce the animals required for ritually cleansing the Temple area and artefacts according to the Old Testament sacrificial system.

Quote: “The Temple Institute announces the second stage of its monumental project to restore Biblical purity (tahara) to the world, with the initiation of a historic registration of qualified kohanim. Those kohanim whose status can be verified will be eligible to be among the first to participate in the renewal of numerous Torah commandments, including the preparation of the Red Heifer.

The Temple Institute made the announcement on the same week Jewish people from all over the world were reading the portion of the sacrifice of the Red Heifer in their synagogues (Parashat Para). The prophecy of Daniel predicts that in the last days the Jewish temple will be rebuilt and the sacrificial system will recommence. Daniel 9:27 foretells the coming of one commonly referred to as the Antichrist, who is to cause the sacrifices to cease and to defile the newly built Temple by sitting in it and proclaiming himself to be God (2nd Thessalonians 2:4). This will be Satan's final attempt at preventing Christ's return to Jerusalem to reign over His people Israel. The book of Revelation reveals more about this subject.

There will also be sacrifices carried out during the Millennial Reign of Christ on this earth. That is a controversial subject that not many people understand. I think the best way of looking at it is this, that the sacrifices in the Old Testament merely pointed forward to the sacrifice of Christ and the sacrifices in the Millennium will point back to it. As the book of Hebrews says, it was never possible that the blood of bulls and goats should take away sin (Hebrews 10:4). These sacrifices were only pictures of the Messiah that was to come who would “put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself”, Hebrews 9:26. He was that scapegoat, “the Lamb of God that beareth away the sin of the world”, John 1:29. He bore our sins into a land not inhabited. He was that Passover Lamb, “without blemish and without spot” (1st Corinthians 5:7, 1st Peter 1:19). He was our substitute, just as the ram caught in the thicket took Isaac's place (Genesis 22:13). He was that Red Heifer. He suffered outside the camp (Hebrews 13:11). The scarlet thread reminds us of the robe the soldiers would array Him in (Matthew 27:28). The cedar wood reminds us of the cross they would nail Him to (John 19:17). And the the hyssop reminds us of of the stupefying drink they would offer Him while on the cross (John 19:29). The fire reminds us how He bore God's wrath against sin (Lamentations 1:13). Just as the ashes of the Red Heifer were put in a clean place, so after His death, His body taken down and put in a tomb “wherein was never man yet laid”, John 19:41. And through His sacrifice, many millions of people have been made clean from their sins.

It makes me sad to read news like this. I don't understand how the Jewish people cannot see that Christ is the fulfillment of the Law and the Prophets (Matthew 5:17). I guess it is because of their rejection of the Messiah that God has temporarily blinded their minds just like Isaiah prophesied. We should be thankful in a way, because through their rejection of Him, salvation has come to the Gentiles (Romans 11:11). I hope and pray that some day soon, the eyes of the nation of Israel will be opened, and they will acknowledge the one that they rejected and receive Him as their Lord and Saviour. Have you received Him as your own personal Saviour? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved (Acts 16:31).

Source Temple Institute