The Word
"God has gone up with a shout, the Lord with the sound of a trumpet." - Psalm 47:5

"...This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven." - Acts 1:11

When Christ was taken up into heaven, He left all believers the hope of His return. Both the living believers and those asleep will be gathered in the presence of the Lord at His coming. Rejoice, for our Lord will come back to earth and no joy can compare when we will be in His presence.
Praise the Lord!

What will a man give in exchange for his soul?
Is there a price for a man's soul? Man toils day and night for living happily on earth but we all know that everything on earth has a shelf life and all things will perish one day
He is risen!
The Scripture teaches us that Christ is risen, and history also teaches us that the tomb was empty...
He humbled Himself and became obedient
Even at the point of death on the cross, He humbled Himself and laid His spirit in the hands of the Father
He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts
By believing in Him alone shall we haver eternal life
A bondservant of God
Do we have a testimony for Christ as apostle Paul did? Our riches and our self righteousness is deceiving but only believing Christ and following Him is the true solution to eternal life
Behold what manner of love
He gave us the best gift we did not deserve and those who receive this gift are called the children of God.
What shall I do with Jesus?
By grace through faith are we saved
Glory in the Lord
No matter what the surroundings or circumstances, trust Him always and always seek His glory
Fear the Lord
Serve the true and only God and our Saviour Jesus Christ. Let us fear Him and cling to Him
For the excellence of the knowledge of Christ
The knowledge of Christ will remain forever. Anything and everything we do for Christ is a gain and will last forever.
They shall reign forever and ever.
The future is bright for those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is bright because of the glory from His presence

Most Read - The Word

Fear God... This is Man's All
Be wise in the sight of God by fearing Him and allow Him to lead you in His will. Praise God!
Unless the Lord builds
Unless the Lord goes with us in our task all our efforts are useless
Seek first the kingdom of God
Seek first the kingdom of God and serve the Lord faithfully and all other things will be added to us
For they shall see God
The Bible promises all believers to one day see God as He is. In the beatitudes we study the blessing for the pure in heart to see God
My food is to do the will of Him
Jesus is our perfect example of how we should be serving our Father and doing His will
My God shall supply all your need
He who has given us Jesus Christ, will He not freely give us all that we ask in His name?
How sweet are Your words
The more we meditate in the word of God, the more sweeter it gets. It is food and drink to our hungry souls.
Seeing God
All through eternity we will see God the Father through Jesus Christ His Son
Our Advocate with the Father
But who is he who condemns. It is God who justifies. It is Christ who died for our sins.
You search the Scriptures
The main theme of the entire Scripture is Jesus Christ and His work for the salvation of mankind.