As fascination with tablets, smart phones and other emerging communication technologies continues to grow at an exponential rate, so also does interest in the use of RFID chips for personal identification purposes. RFID is already used by many businesses to keep track of inventory, and by major credit card companies to operate 'contactless' payment devices. Many governments around the world are now embedding RFID chips into passports to keep better track of their citizens. But an increasing number of people are now implanting RFID chips into their own bodies to be able to remotely control electronic systems around their house...

Nigeria launches national identity and payment card
Nigeria launches a dual identification and electronic payment card
RFID self-implant kit goes on sale this month
'Biohacking' kit for self-injecting RFID chips goes on sale this month
Turkish PM appears as hologram to woo supporters
Erdogan joins growing list of celebrities using holograms to address live audiences
Israel launching biometric identity card
New biometric database will be used to store identification details on every Israeli citizen
Motorola looking at RFID 'pill' to identify smart-phone users
Ingestible RFID pill could be taken daily to reduce need for remembering passwords and pin numbers
Brazilian school to track students via microchip
Brazilian school district using RFID to keep tabs on the whereabouts of students
VeriTeQ may embed breast implants with identity chip
Embedded VeriChip could identify manufacturer of breast implants in the event of a fault
New Zealand to host cashless New Year's celebrations
RFID wristbands to enable party-goers in New Zealand to pay with a 'wave of their hand'
Israel orders VeriChip for Israeli Defence Force
PositiveID announces deal to provide the Israeli Defence Force with the VeriChip RFID tag
US university develops wearable 'electronic tattoo'
University of Illinois have developed a system of wearable electronics that sticks to human skin just like a temporary tattoo
Germany to roll out RFID national identity cards