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1 Deus ex machina: former Google engineer is developing an AI god Administrator
2 3,000 Swedish commuters are now using chips implanted in their hands to pay for their journey Administrator
3 You will get chipped — eventually Administrator
4 Three Square Market offers to implant RFID chips in its employees Administrator
5 Swedish company implants microchips in employees Administrator
6 Japanese city tags elderly dementia sufferers with barcodes Administrator
7 UK bank to secure credit cards using Nazi technology Administrator
8 The invisible credit card of the future Administrator
9 French watchdog slams planned mega-database of citizens’ biometric data Administrator
10 Google buys Eyefluence eye-tracking startup Administrator
11 Shunned for supporting natural marriage, former Mozilla CEO is back with new browser Administrator
12 Obama-UN internet takeover is just hours away Administrator
13 Australia becomes first country to begin microchipping its public Administrator
14 Big banks plan to coin new digital currency Administrator
15 World’s first implant-activated smart gun has arrived Administrator
16 No longer a conspiracy: Reporter shows us the ‘convenience’ of an RFID microchip implant Administrator
17 ‘Google of the Bible’ launches after five-year development Administrator
18 Scientists attempting to harvest human organs in pigs create human-pig embryo Administrator
19 Satan’s credit card: What the mark of the beast taught me about the future of money Administrator
20 Artificially intelligent lawyer “Ross” has been hired by its first official law firm Administrator
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