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121 Canada to legalize marijuana after landmark senate vote Administrator
122 US set to announce exit from UN Human Rights Council Administrator
123 Trump orders establishment of 'space force' as 6th branch of military Administrator
124 Iranian leader threatens to ‘eradicate’ Israel, restarts nuclear activity Administrator
125 Millions of Brazilians hail Israel during March for Jesus Administrator
126 Meteorite illuminates skies over China Administrator
127 Israel said in ‘advanced talks’ with Russia on Iranian pullout from Syria border Administrator
128 Google under fire for listing 'Nazism' as the ideology of the California Republican Party Administrator
129 Ellicott City, Baltimore region devastated by 'once-every-1,000-years flood' Administrator
130 Erdoğan: Israeli actions would put Nazis to shame Administrator
131 Congress to consider recognition of Israeli sovereignty over Golan Heights Administrator
132 U.N. Heads Turn in Stunned Disbelief as PLO Lies Exposed by Palestinian Hero Administrator
133 Iran boasts that it tricked the world, can now start making nukes Administrator
134 Irma becomes strongest Atlantic hurricane outside Gulf and Caribbean ever recorded Administrator
135 Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan declares Jesus is his ‘Redeemer’ Administrator
136 MTV goes off-air for 12 hours to promote gay ‘marriage’ Administrator
137 Abortion is a ‘fundamental human right’, claims Canada PM Administrator
138 California bans travel to states that protect Christians who oppose gay ‘marriage’ Administrator
139 PLO condemns US lawmakers for bill targeting payments to terrorists Administrator
140 Colorado man hails Satan in presenting invocation at city council meeting Administrator
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