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1 Idaho lawmakers draft bill that would outlaw abortion, classify as murder Administrator
2 Tennessee women lawmakers move to restore full legal protections for unborn Administrator
3 First legally non-binary person now regrets transgender ‘fraud’ Administrator
4 Ohio reintroduces 'heartbeat' abortion bill as new governor vows to sign it into law Administrator
5 Brazil’s new president to eliminate transgender, pro-gay ideology from schools Administrator
6 New York’s new abortion law spares man who stabbed pregnant girlfriend, baby to death from murder co Administrator
7 Trump invokes God at SOTU, while Pelosi misquotes Bible Administrator
8 Trump to throw spotlight on abortion in State of the Union Administrator
9 South Carolina Senate approves bill to ban all abortions, declares unborn babies people under law Administrator
10 Virginia Dems attempt to pass bill allowing abortions up to 40 weeks Administrator
11 Dems to strike 'so help you God' from oath taken in front of key House committee, draft shows Administrator
12 Group pushes to legalize assisted suicide in New York Administrator
13 GRAPHIC: Unapologetic abortionist holds up severed baby head for the camera Administrator
14 Vermont introduces radical bill to protect ‘fundamental right’ to unlimited abortions Administrator
15 Pakistan's top court to decide Asia Bibi's fate as Muslim extremists demand her death Administrator
16 New York senate passes bill legalizing abortions up to birth Administrator
17 Apophis asteroid could strike Earth in 2068, warn Russian scientists Administrator
18 ‘No place for Israeli athletes in Malaysia,’ prime minister says Administrator
19 Christian woman in Pakistan dies after being set on fire for refusing to convert to Islam Administrator
20 If Cuomo and Clinton get their way in New York, abortion survivors will die Administrator
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